All Hava System Iran's Products are designed and built according to customers specifications and are engineered to provide long and reliable service even in most severe conditions.


Our Products are categorised in 5 main groups as below :

Hava system Iran Centrifugal fans are widely used in various industries where performance, reliability and maintainability are important .Centrifugal fans are designed in 5 types to suit clients requirements.
Hava system Iran Pulse jet filters are designed in 4 types to filtrate polluted air with dry dust content.
Hava System Iran scrubbers are designed in 3 types to meet almost any air pollution control requirement. in addition these three types are provided in several configuration and in a full range of sizes .
Hava system Iran offers 3 types of Axial fans to suit installation requirements . Axial fans are ideal for moderate-to-high air volume ,and low-to-moderate static pressure.