Centrifugal Fans


Our centrifugal fans are widely used in industrial processes where performance, reliability and maintainability are important. Ranging in diameter from 310mm to over 5m, and with a variety of impeller designs, they form a comprehensive series of centrifugal fans to satisfy virtually all industrial applications.

The majority of centrifugal fans can be grouped in 5 categories as below :

Hava system Iran medium pressure fans are ideal for moderate Pressure and moderate-to-high air volume
Hava system Iran High pressure fans are specially suited for high Pressure and moderate-to-low air volume.
Hava system Iran custom design fans are specially suited for applications that requires ventilating of air or gas at high pressure and large air volume or for special cases ...
Hava system Iran plug in fans are specially suited for circulation of hot air or gases and are used in furnaces, pre heaters and industrial dryers.
Roof centrifugal fans which are known as RC fans are used for exhausting of air with dust or smoke content, especially when low noise operation is required.