Pulse-jet filters

Hava system Iran is  designer and manufacturer of pulse-jet filters since 1989.
On request we can provide our pulse-jet filters with especial filter sacks that are suitable for high temperatures, as well as filter sacks that are acid resistant.
Our pulse-jet filters are designed in both modular and integral type. In modular design, units can be arranged next to each other, and this enables  customers to arrange the units according to the instalation limits at site. 
Also in the modular design, the compartments are completely seperated, and thus service and maintenance can be done during filtration function. without any shut down of the system.

Industries :
- Cement & Lime                                     - Chemical & Petrochemical
- Iron & Steel                                          - detergent
- Tile & Ceramic industry                         - pulp, Paper and wood industry
- Foundry                                                - etc.  


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